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History of Altobello Kennel


Hello, I am Dejan Malbasa an I would like to tell you a story about Altobello Dobermanns. The story begins in 1988 in a country that used to be called Yugoslavia at the time, in one of its biggest cities by the name of Novi Sad. Family of Mr. Lazar Sredojevic, his wife Miomira and daughters Sanja and Ljubica have always admired animals and after their return from Africa, where they lived for several years, they decided to get for their home a dog - and their selection was a Dobermann. Even though they did not know anything about the breed, they bought their first Dobermann called ALTA (Amadeus Frankenland x Rey Roxana od Telepa). Alta was a female of medium quality and a family pet, without any show ambitions of her owners. On one occasion they visited a dog show and realized that a Dobermann is a dog that needs lots of attention and training that could significantly improve his appearance. Lazar started with intensive trainings of Alta, but besides the top form she was still a female whose show boundary was an Excellent grade, and soon he realized this and decided to use Alta in breeding.

Lazar was visiting shows where at that time were many impressive males to see, but he still decided for Alta's first litter to choose ELVIS ROYAL BELL (Hargos v.h. Wantij x Karmel Kesia v. Diaspora), because of his impressive head - 32 cm long, and two months later he got his first "S" litter from which he kept for himself two dogs - male SIGI DI BUM and female SANTA.

Sigi was an impressive dog with phenomenal head, strong structure, medium height, strong temperament and Lazar soon started to show him far and wide. But at the same time he unfairly neglected Santa, who was better quality and more complete as a dog - but as every beginner tends to favorite the male, Lazar did that too, and Sigi got his chance to go on a show many more times than his sister.


Two years later Lazar realized Sigi was an excellent dog who can be in the top and win, but that he needs to have even higher quality in order to advance as a breeder and that he needs to pay more attention to bloodlines. Also, he and his family realized that females matched their nature much better than males. In the meantime in year 1991 he registered kennel by the name "ALTOBELLO" FCI 3143 and acquired very high quality brown female BERTA DOBSON (Hillo Royal Bell x Diana Royal Bell). He mated Santa with Young IDC Sieger 1989 - CRONOS FLANDRISCHEN LOEWEN and in February 1992 finally "V" Altobello litter was born. Already in the first days one female was standing out of the whole litter and soon she became pet of the family. She was named VOTKA ALTOBELLO.

I would like to emphasize that family Sredojevic raised litters with superior quality, they were given lots of love and attention, supreme food and vitamins so the puppies were simply irresistible and anyone who came to look at the puppies never left the kennel without one. Breeding was primary concern of the wife Miomira and younger daughter Sanja who made care of the puppies into a perfection. But this would have never been possible if they did not carry undivided love for Dobermanns in their hearts.

Altobello quickly became a very popular kennel among fans because a good word about quality of the puppies soon spread. But what was a big problem is that nearly all people who bought the dogs were not interested in shows, they bought them mainly as family pets or guards. Family Sredojevic did not mind this since they themselves did not enjoy shows, but instead preferred to see their dogs get born, grow, play... Shows were for them just a plain necessity and what bothered them the most was that the judges are also breeders at the same time - so one show after another they favorite each other, while new breeders had status of intruder. However, in near future Votka and Berta Dobson with their quality managed to win many victories and encourage many new young breeders. They also became foundation of today's breeding of "ALTOBELLO KENNEL". Unfortunately political isolation of Yugoslavia resulted so that Votka and Berta did not make any bigger international career. Yet in 1993 Votka wins 3rd place in Euro Dog Show in Budapest, even though the judge kept her for the whole time in first place. But as it usually happens even today, by entering the ring of two famous breeders the judge automatically moved her to the third place. But nevertheless this was a big day for Altobello because granddaughter of medium female Alta became the third in Europe! And in opinion of audience the first!!!


At the time very big problem for Altobello was bad health condition of Lazar (heart problems) and impossibility of quality dog training. Man who helped him in this was his older daughter's boyfriend Milan, who was also a very good handler, but unfortunately he and Lazar did not have a common view of the breed and they often confronted in opinion. In a spring show 1994 Milan was handling Votka who won in open class, and after that a male GOLDIE JEALOUSY who he co-owned at the time. During selection for Best of Breed Milan provoked the judge since he regarded that the show was prearranged. He was handling Goldie and Lazar was handling Votka. When his Goldie lost for BOB from another dog Milan threw a tennis ball at a judge and the result of this event was a suspension of Votka?!!! until the end of the season from all shows in Yugoslavia. Because it was very convenient for somebody of course. Votka misses the whole intended season and this was a big strike for Lazar and the family because they completely lost every interest in shows and decided never again to present their dogs. Berta got a litter with GRAAF FESTUS NEERLANDS STAM but again the puppies were bought by people who did not go to shows.

By the end of 1994 even though the whole country was in chaotic situation surrounded by wars, to my insisting Lazar decides to go to Italy to Campovalano kennel and mate Votka with GAMON DI CAMPOVALANO. On February 15th 1995 "P" litter was born and it consisted of 14 puppies = 10 females and 4 males. Unfortunately again all of these dogs were bought by fans of Altobello who were not interested in shows except PLAYBOY who came to me, and PILAR and PEJDZ who went to my friends. Other dogs were just family pets. In the summer of 1995 Lazar along with his wife moves to Adriatic coast to Montenegro and takes with him Votka, Pablo, Perla Gold, Fara, Hogar, Hanibal and Berta.


During 1996 in Montenegro he had litters from combinations Pablo Altobello x Berta Dobson and Hanibal Altobello x Votka Altobello, but unfortunately all of the dogs were sold in Montenegro and we have no track of them. Only one dog - JANTAR ALTOBELLO (Hanibal x Votka) came to my town and became Young Champion YU and Champion YU. Playboy, Pejdz, Hogar and Hanibal all became Young Champions and Champions of YU. PEJDZ was V-5 in World Dog Show 1996. PLAYBOY becomes YU Club Sieger 1997 (judge: Pezzano) and just when we thought that Altobello was finally taking place it deserved - a great tragedy happened, that nearly erased Altobello forever. In the summer of 1997 somebody in the kennel in Montenegro poisoned Votka, Pablo and Hanibal, and Pejdz in the house of my friend in Novi Sad. This was a very big heartbreak and family Sredojevic decided to stop breeding. However this year Sanja and me raised in Novi Sad "N" litter (Playboy Altobello x Berta Dobson) from which I kept NADJA NIKITA.


In 1998 PLAYBOY is V-1 in Euro Dog Show in Genova, which means that grand-grandson of medium Alta was first in Europe - which was a great recognition of quality breeding in just 3 generations. Jantar is winning in many shows and Sanja and me from Playboy and Berta get "C" litter Altobello (Casanova, Corto Maltese, Cinderella...). In 1999 even though Altobello was no longer breeding I manage to gather 10 Altobello dogs for YU Club Winner Show (judge: Avi Marshak) and we won 1st place in Breeders Group competition, in front of kennels such as "Come As You Are" and "Od Telepa". Everything was finally set to place, audience supported judges decision with ovations, but unfortunately because of everything that happened so far and Lazar's bad health he was not prepared to continue with breeding. His daughters had their doctor careers and they did not have time for the kennel and Lazar saw the only solution and future for Altobello kennel in me. So he offered me to take over the kennel from him. At first I did not intend to seriously involve in breeding but out of respect and love for Altobello dogs and family Sredojevic I accepted his offer.


In the beginning of the new millennium in 2000 begins also the new chapter of Altobello Dobermanns. Our wish is to continue a good line for which we inherited excellent grounds and with better show and marketing approach gain new friends, fans and owners of Altobello dogs worldwide. Today our dogs are present in many countries and in almost all continents and every day from all over the world we get good news about our dogs. In the first place we wish that our dogs have a good life, a good family, and that they are loved in the way worthy of a Dobermann. Whether they will go to shows is decision of their owners and we do not wish to condition people who want a dog for themselves that they must go to shows. Our goal is to breed quality dogs of excellent health and character. We are not interested in fancy combinations just because it is currently popular in the world or because puppies from some stud would be sold for a better price. Our wish is to preserve good and recognizable type of Altobello dogs and to work together with breeders and fans who are open for cooperation. We respect work and ideas of every breeder and even though we may not always agree with their ideas we will not talk bad about it - either in private or in public. This seems to be escalating fashion in Dobermann chat rooms and forums and especially people who do not stand behind any breeding and show results give themselves a right to spit on breeders whose work they do not know! We are also not very happy that today internet Cynology dictates many breeders streams and just like in every other field of everyday life in Dobermann rings there are untouchables and the quality is not always the one winning. But one thing is for sure, audience surrounding the ring always knows how to choose quality and recognize the best.

My first encounter with Dobermann was love at the first sight and as much as I learned about them I got to love them more, and my love for them grew into a love for a lifetime. Probably many of you who share a life with these wonderful creatures understand my words... Long live the Dobermann!!!


Dejan with Playboy Altobello


Beginning of a new millennium has brought new ideas and ambitions. In the very beginning, our goal was, that in addition to the existing quality females, bring to our Kennel females with other bloodlines and thus improve our breed. The choice fell on two females -ELLA ESMERALDA SAWAGES (Gad Frankenhorst x Heidi Royal Bell )and NIKITA ETERNITY (Gamon di Campovalano x Bereta Reneval) that fully justified our expectations and whose descendants gave Altobello a new distinctive quality which will make us successful in the future ... 2001. year we have made a combination –INT CH Nadja Nikita di Altobello and IDC SIEGER Icaro di Villa Castelli. From this combination we get the "E"- Altobello litter. Dogs from this litter achieved many good results, especially a female and a male named ELENA ENIGMA and EL DIABLO. 2002. year we have made a combination between ELLA ESMERALDA SAWAGES and ILJADIN FRANCKENHORST . This two dogs together produced an excellent working female named CAYENA DI ALTOBELLO who has passed IPO3 in her carrer. 2003. year we have made a combination between NIKITA ETERNITY and FERROFARAHGOMEZ DI CAMPOVALANO. From this combination we got the legendary Altobello "I" litter-Izrafel Maya di Altobello, Izida di Altobello, Icarus di Altobello,Idane di Altobello, Irresistible Iran di Altobello, Imperatore Romane and Ivanhoe Iskandar di Altobello. The whole litter has achieved excellent results in their careers,- All of them with titles INT. CH. attracted the attention on the Altobello.


On the end of 2003. year a female named WILDCHERRY DI ALTOBELLO was born. During the same year, on the European Championship which was held in Barcelona, she was voted as the Best Female Baby by the judge and the president of DV IDC -Mr. Wiblishauser. Three times in 2005, 2006 and 2007 she was a finalist in the IDC Championship. In the 2006 year she was awarded with the title of VICE WORLD CHAMPION and in 2007. she became the VICE EUROPEAN CHAMPION.



Some results of MALENA DI ALTOBELLO: 2007 yr. she was voted as the IDC PUPPY WINNER, 2008yr.she was the JUNIOR WINNER OF PIETRO CALIANDRO SHOW, 2008 yr she became the JUNIOR CLUB WINNER, 2010 she won the title of AIAD SIEGERIN In the same year when Malena became JUNIOR CLUB WINNER, her brother from the same litter named MARLON DI ALTOBELLO won the title AIAD JUNIOR WINNER. In addition to this title, Marlon has also won the tittle of GREEK WINNER.


2006. yr ULTIMO DI ALTOBELLO (Icarus di Altobello x Beatrice di Altobello ) became the BEST PUPPY ON THE WORLD DOG SHOW MAXIM DI ALTOBELLO achieved the following results: JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2008, VICE WORLD CHAMPION 2009, AIAD CHAMPION 2010, IDC OPEN CLASS WINNER 2010,EURO-ASIA CHAMPION 2011, PIETRO CALIANDRO WINNER 2011-BEST BLACK MALE (beside him our female named TIJANA DARIA DI ALTOBELLO won the title of BEST BLACK FEMALE).



Our love for the Doberman breed and wish to provide them the best possible conditions for life, growth and training, has resulted in an area of 4000 m2 where we start to build a place where even dogs and humans have ideal conditions, regardless of whether they are breeders , dog owners, judges, or just lovers of the breed.


Every year, Altobello Kennel is visited by two thousand people from all over the world because of one reason only: the shared love for the breed of Doberman. We are proud of our expanding the number of lovers of this race and for attracting, in the best possible way,new lovers of it every day.


We love to learn and receive advices from the older breeders and experts for this race. Also we are so proud on the fact that so far Altobello Kennel was twice awarded-on IDC 2005 and 2007 as BEST BREEDERS GROUP.


Living with Doberman is a privilege. Living for Dobermans is something altogether more than that.


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About Us

The simbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as Doberman. We live for a day when every new litter which we created will be bread, hoping that we shall achieve to create an even better litter from the one that came before and we shall further improve the breed. Even after so many years we still have many sleepless nights because we contemplate another combination in the future. It is nice to live daily with sweet uncertainty while watching how the beautiful small creatures grow into the fulfillment of your dreams every day.

Altobello is a family. Altobello is friendship. Doberman is a million violins, the sky above us.
Altobello Doberman is a living dream.